Young rugby players from Penarth swapped tackles for tills as they raised funds to go on tour.

The Penarth Bears under 11’s rugby team offered their services as bag packers at Tesco, Penarth Superstore, to raise funds for their upcoming tour in April.

Donning their jerseys, they showed their spirit of teamwork and community.

Coaches and parents supported them as they enthusiastically interacted with shoppers, packing groceries in return for donations.

Their efforts paid off in a big way as Penarth locals cheered them on, their generous contributions in exchange for bag packing significantly bolstering the team's tour fund.

Their spirit didn't go unnoticed with former All Blacks and Cardiff Blues player, Xavier Rush also pledging his support.

The team's initiative drew applause and expressions of gratitude from strangers, impressed by the young boys' spirit.

Tesco Penarth Superstore received a heartful thank you from the team for hosting the fundraiser that not only enhanced the group's finances but also nurtured a sense of community and camaraderie.

The event displayed that the Penarth Bears weren't just about rugby; they represent their town with pride.