Residents in Penarth are backing Vaughan Gething as he is set to be named the new first minister in Wales.

Vaughan Gething is set to replace Mark Drakeford as First Minister in Wales today, after he was elected on Saturday, March 16.

Mr Gething will be endorsed as the new first minister in the Welsh Parliament this afternoon, Wednesday, March 20.

Carol, a Penarth resident is pleased with the appointment, she said: “I was quite pleased that he got it as I think he has a bit of experience behind him.

“He is young and forward-looking, and it's nice that he is a Penarth local and only time will tell if he does a better job than Mark Drakeford.”

Before being elected the new first minister of Wales, Mr Gething was an MS for Cardiff and Penarth and strongly connected to the Penarth Community.

If accepted by the Welsh Government, his name will go to the king for approval, he will become the country’s fifth first minister and first black male to be elected for Wales’ top job.

Tom Kaged, a member of the Penarth Belle Vue Bowling Club added: “You got to give everyone a chance to establish themselves, he has had a good learning lesson under him for the last five years.

“We support the same rugby club Penarth RFC, and we always wish any member well in a new position.”

Whilst most Penarth residents support Mr Gething’s appointment, others preferred Mark Drakeford as the first minister.

Mark Drakeford officially stepped down as the first minister in Wales, yesterday, Tuesday, March 19.

Pauline, a Penarth shopper said: “I think he could be pushed around; he won’t do better than Drakeford as he was all for the people.

“Regardless of whether the people liked what he did or not, he was there whereas I think Vaughan Gething won’t be there.

“He is nice and polite, but I don’t feel that he is the right fit for the country, and it remains to be seen as we are in such a mess.”