PENARTH Siblings were awarded by the Welsh Blood Service for donating over 200 pints of blood between them.

Pam Fenton and her brother Brian Chandler were awarded for their donations at an award ceremony at the Village Hotel in Cardiff on Tuesday, March 19.

The siblings have donated 107 and 112 pints of blood respectively, Mrs Fenton first gave blood when she was 18 and 55 years later, she is still donating blood at the age of 73.

Her husband Paul Fenton attended the awards ceremony and told the Penarth Times that it was a proud moment to witness.

He said: “It’s an incredible achievement and commitment over a period of 50 years to donate blood.

“It was a wonderful evening, and there were some amazing people awarded, a man from the Vale of Glamorgan donated over 1000 platelets and the following day attended Windsor to get an MBE.”

Howard Provis is one of Wales’ longest-serving donors, having donated blood at the age of 18. He has since donated over 1000 platelets.

The 67-year-old from Barry was recently awarded an MBE for fifty years of donating blood and voluntary services in the Vale of Glamorgan, he was also praised in Parliament for his efforts.

Pam Fenton and Brian are universal donors, as their blood group is rhesus-negative O which can be used to save the lives of everyone including babies with each pint of blood used to save up to three lives.

He added: “It was emotional, and I am very proud of my wife and her brother, they will continue to give blood until they can’t.

“They are dedicated and know how much it means to everyone; they are lucky that their blood type is O negative and that it can be donated to anyone.

“I had to have a blood transfusion when I was a teenager as I nearly died due to illness, it felt amazing to receive blood that saved my life.”