A report into the way patients with mesh implants have been treated has been welcomed by a charity supporting said patients.

The Mesh UK Charitable Trust has praised the concluding report of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, Robert Behrens.

The organisation, which offers aid and respite care to patients in England and Wales affected by mesh implant complications, applauded Mr Behrens for revealing that clinicians often fail to provide essential information to patients.

The trust's founder, Candia McCullough, made a passionate call for a statutory public inquiry into the opaqueness of health boards.

She said: "Just as sub-postmasters were cheated by a large organisation with a reputation for being warm and cuddly, but which in reality hid behind expensive lawyers, so NHS Managements – in England and Wales – are abusing the trust their patients and nursing staff have put in them, and this warrants as thorough a statutory public inquiry as that currently being conducted by Sir Wyn Williams into the Post Office Horizon scandal."

The ombudsman report only covered England as there are differences in Wales but the trust covers both England and Wales.