Penarth Times readers have been sharing their delightful pets with us to celebrate National Pet Month.

Running from April 1 to May 1, the annual event encourages responsible pet ownership and raises awareness of the positive impacts pets have on our lives.

We asked our readers to show us their pets and they responded with adorable pictures of cats, dogs and a rabbit, which you can see here.

Penarth Times: Paul Sandrey-Owen's dogsPaul Sandrey-Owen's dogs (Image: Paul Sandrey-Owen)

Penarth Times: Harley and NeroHarley and Nero (Image: James Mansell)

Penarth Times: This dog is enjoying a slipperThis dog is enjoying a slipper (Image: Sarah Higgins)

Penarth Times: Abyd Quinn Aziz's catAbyd Quinn Aziz's cat (Image: Abyd Quinn Aziz)

Penarth Times: Curious catsCurious cats (Image: Sue Quinn Aziz)

Penarth Times: We can just imagine the conversation between these twoWe can just imagine the conversation between these two (Image: Leah Forse)

Penarth Times: Twix the bunny seems to be a bit tiredTwix the bunny seems to be a bit tired (Image: Lauren Williams)

Penarth Times: Otis had a go behind the wheelOtis had a go behind the wheel (Image: Katy Wallace)

Penarth Times: Simon Horsell's dogSimon Horsell's dog (Image: Simon Horsell)

Penarth Times: Louisa Cox's catLouisa Cox's cat (Image: Louisa Cox)

The campaign supports UK pet welfare organisations and endorses valuable content for both seasoned and novice pet owners throughout the year.