A BOAT decided to go out on the water during the weekend of storm Kathleen and lost power.

It was a brave time to choose to 'set sail' at Cardiff's barrage, but one small boat, the Dalia Rose II, decided to brave Kathleen's power over the weekend.

However, the trip didn't all go according to plan, not just because of the waves and the wind, but because the vessel lost power.

Barry Dock RNLI were radioed to the vessel drifting in the strong breeze and tide on Saturday, April 6.

Despite declining assistance, Barry Dock and Penarth RNLI stood on hand, ready for any eventualities, thankfully the boat regained power.

Penarth Times: The boat lost power near Cardiff Barrage on SaturdayThe boat lost power near Cardiff Barrage on Saturday (Image: Antony Monger)

A spokesperson for the RNLI said of the incident: "On Saturday, volunteer lifeboat crew from Barry Dock RNLI had been out on a training exercise on their new Shannon class lifeboat and were returning to Cardiff Bay to lock in for Penarth Marina (this is where the lifeboat is currently berthed while the crew complete their training period). 

"Cardiff Barrage were radioed by a small motor vessel who had lost power outside the Barrage entrance and were drifting towards the breakwater in the strong breeze and tide.

"Barry Dock training lifeboat stood off and asked the vessel if they required assistance which they declined. 

Penarth Times: The boat declined assistanceThe boat declined assistance (Image: Antony Monger)

"At approximately 5.20pm, the training lifeboat crew made Milford Haven Coastguard aware of the situation and to request Penarth RNLI to launch their inshore lifeboat – should assistance be requested by the casualty vessel to take them through the lock entrance with Barry Dock training lifeboat. 

"Barry Dock’s training lifeboat stood by the vessel while Penarth RNLI prepared to launch and make their way over.

"In that time, the motor vessel had regained power and Penarth RNLI were stood down at approx. 5.31pm. 

"The vessel made its own way back to the harbour escorted by Barry Dock’s Shannon."