A PENARTH store has announced it is closing in an emotional Facebook post.

Apothecary 64, on Cornerswell Road, say they will close at the end of July.

The company has lamented how hard it is to be an independent business in the current climate.

In a sad indictment of the situation, Apothecary 64 say it is “crushing to not have the support” in the county, let alone the town they are based.

Apothecary 64 is owned by Craig Parker-Trott and has been a part of Penarth’s high street for almost four years.

It’s located on another section of Penarth’s high street, Cornerswell Road, which is separated from Penarth’s main shopping district; Windsor Road, by Stanwell Road.

On Cornerswell Road there is café Griffs, a corner shop and various boutiques.

It used to have a Salvation Army charity shop – described as a vital support to the community – which, also closed.

Penarth Times: Apothecary 64 has sadly announced it's to closeApothecary 64 has sadly announced it's to close (Image: Google Maps)

Apothecary 64, which specialises in candles, fragrances and lotions, revealed business got so bad they only took in £96 in a day.

On Facebook, Apothecary 64 wrote: “As I approach my fourth year it is becoming so hard to remain as an independent business.

“With the lack of sales, it’s now becoming a negative drain on my own creativity.

“I absolutely love my business, but if you don’t then there is simply no point in running it.

“I am a very free creative person. It is crushing to not have the support as an actual candle maker in the Vale, let alone the town I live.

“First thing I want to say is - a huge thank you for the people I see weekly/monthly and those I don’t see often that drop a few hundred quid!

“Your lack of footfall is ok - I understand things are tight – but, for me as a free creative, I cannot stay still.

“End of July, I’m closing.”

Penarth Times: The shopping community at Cornerswells RoadThe shopping community at Cornerswells Road (Image: Google Maps)

Penarth Times: Salvation Army moved out from that side of town last yearSalvation Army moved out from that side of town last year (Image: Newsquest)

Apothecary 64 to follow Bears Head and flea market out of Penarth’s high street

Bears Head say they are moving out, flea market is gone and now Apothecary 64 say they are closing.

However, the Penarth Business Group Chair John Davies says the town’s high street is resilient, with hundreds of independent stores still in business.

Flea market goes with the landlord about to begin renovating the building - plans include building two new shop fronts - while on the corner of Hickman Road, a new restaurant continues to be built.

What do you think about Penarth’s High Street? Did you use Apothecary 64? Will you be sad to see it gone?

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