THERE is currently a mystery on-going in Penarth, with a leading charity alleging that someone may have stolen a defibrillator.

You’ve probably seen them around, stuck to the walls of community buildings and the like – a yellow case with a lock and inside it – a lifesaving piece of equipment – a defibrillator, supporting people who may have a medical emergency.

However, the defibrillator box attached to the wall of the Windsor Pub on Windsor Road is empty and director of Calon Hearts - the charity that installed the defibrillator in this location - is furious.

Sharon Owen thinks someone has stolen the defibrillator thinking they might get some cash out of it – she described how the console of defibs looks similar to iPads.

“It is a shame,” said Ms Owen. “That defibrillator is in a good location.

“This is why we put codes on the boxes. Someone may have thought it was an iPad, but it is not.”

Penarth Times: Calon Hearts think their defibrillator in Penarth has been stolenCalon Hearts think their defibrillator in Penarth has been stolen (Image: Newsquest)

However, the mystery does deepen a little.

The box the defib is kept in does not look to be damaged, and the defib in question is regularly used by the police – some feel the defib might have been used and forgotten to be brought back.

Penarth Times: The defib is attached to the Windsor pub on Windsor RoadThe defib is attached to the Windsor pub on Windsor Road (Image: Newsquest)

Despite the various scenarios of what could have happened, Ms Owen is upset that a crucial life-saving piece of equipment for the people of Penarth is missing.

She went on to say: “Everyone has to realise these defibs are fund raised by people in memory of someone they may have lost.

“This is cruel. This defib could save someone’s life one day.

“By doing what they are doing they are destroying someone’s hard-earned fund-raising efforts.

“Someone could die because of their stupid behaviour.”

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