AN award-winning poet will be in Penarth in September.

Noted poet and comedienne Clare Ferguson-Walker, along with BBC Radio 4 regular Robin Ince, have announced a performance at the Paget Rooms.

The evening will offer a blend of comedy and spoken word on September 19.

The show is part of a 14-city tour across the UK, starting in September 2024.

This is a significant step as it marks the first time that the pair will tour together.

Noteworthy venues on the tour include Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall, Bath's Komedia, and Brewery Arts in Kendal.

Ms Ferguson-Walker is known for her talent as a poet, comedienne, sculptor, and singer.

She regularly attends functions with John Cooper Clarke, also known in poetry circles as the "Godfather of UK stand up".

Ms Ferguson-Walker brings a new collection of poems, "Chrysalis", to this tour.

Clockwork Moth has published this collection that exposes her inner thoughts and delves into her observations of humanity with a touch of humour.

Ms Ferguson-Walker's show, "Hare Brained", is expected to be a blend of spoken word, stand-up comedy, and entertaining ideas.

The glittery dress that adds a fantastical layer to her performance is another thing to look forward to.

Mr Ince, an English comedian, actor, and writer, has a career spanning over 20 years.

He is most popular for the BBC Radio 4 podcast series The Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox.

This tour aligns with the publishing of his new book "Normally Weird And Weirdly Normal: My Adventures in Neurodiversity" by Macmillan on the same date.

The show promises a unique integration of poetry, storytelling, and overall joviality to the audience.

The one-of-a-kind evening brings together two extraordinary artists aiming to provide an experience that is as insightful as it is entertaining.