PARENTS at a Vale School are furious their kids are not allowed to wear school hoodies because they are deemed a strangulation risk.

Mums at Cogan Primary School in Penarth described the situation as ‘silly’, ‘small’, but ‘frustrating’ as the school's six form leavers aren’t allowed to wear their leavers hoodies in the final weeks of their time at primary school – apart from the final week.

One mother, Kaitlin Osmond is so upset, she has set up a petition on called ‘Allow Year 6 Pupils of Cogan Primary School to Wear Leavers Hoodies’, which has garnered 110 signatures so far.

In her petition, Ms Osmond says: “Wearing Leavers hoodies has become a cherished tradition.

“Denying the children the chance to celebrate their final year of primary school in the same way as other children of the same age within the local area is unfair.”

Other parents we spoke to described how the banning of hoodies crept into the rules after a governor’s meeting in June.

One mum told Penarth Times: “I’m just annoyed really. Every other school gets to wear them.

“Apparently, it’s a strangulation risk. It’s a hoodie. Pupils are not allowed to wear them apart from the last week of school. If it’s a strangulation risk, why are they allowed to wear them at all? Suddenly they are allowed to wear them the last week. The kids are annoyed too.”

Another parent was frustrated the rule was suddenly brought in by the board of governors.

“The school really does seem like they are not listening to parents. Everything is through the governors. Nothing is taken onboard at ground level. Listen to the parents. We do not want to kick up a fuss, but at the end of the day our freedom of speech has been taken away.”The petition calling on pupils to be allowed to wear hoodiesThe petition calling on pupils to be allowed to wear hoodies (Image:

Cogan Primary say the hoodies are not part of uniform and have offered to meet the concerned parentsCogan Primary say the hoodies are not part of uniform and have offered to meet the concerned parents (Image: Google Maps)

Cogan Primary has issued a statement on the issue, explaining why they have a uniform policy.

A spokesperson said: “Like other schools in the Vale, Wales and beyond, Cogan Primary has a uniform policy. This is designed to standardise how pupils dress for school to avoid certain children being singled out for what they are wearing. Often it is pupils who are experiencing depravation and poverty that are the victims in such cases.

“Welsh Government guidance indicates that school uniform should be non-branded and non-logoed, which is the policy adopted at Cogan Primary.

“The hoodies in question have no official connection to the school and do not conform to these standards, which is why school governors decided they should not be treated as uniform.

“There are rare occasions when pupils could wear these items, on non-uniform days or towards the end of term, but they are typically not allowed.

“The school’s Chair of Governors has offered to meet with the parent concerned to discuss this matter, and remains happy to do so, however so far that invitation has not been accepted.”

See the petition, clicking here.

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