TWO Penarth pupils have been honoured for their remarkable act of kindness and bravery.

Hamish Dow and Matthew Delaney, came across an elderly lady, Peggy, who had slipped and fallen at the edge of the road. Her husband, Mike, was nearby but struggled to help her up, fearing he wouldn’t be able to lift her. 

Without hesitation, Hamish and Matthew stepped in to assist. With the help of other passers-by, they carefully helped Peggy up and due to the wet weather that day, guided her to a nearby beauty salon that offered shelter and further assistance.

The Year 11 pupils from Headlands School then stayed with Peggy and Mike, showing great concern for her welfare, and called for an ambulance.

Demonstrating their responsibility, they also informed their school about the situation. Jen Morrish, the boys’ educational assistant, soon arrived to check on them.

Mike, deeply moved by the boys’ actions, praised their care and tenderness towards his wife.

Eager to keep the boys updated, Jen exchanged contact information with Mike to follow Peggy’s progress. It was later revealed that Peggy had suffered a broken femur and required hip surgery.

Mayor, Cllr Gwenda Roberts shows the certificates to Hamish and Matthew after they helped PeggyMayor, Cllr Gwenda Roberts shows the certificates to Hamish and Matthew after they helped Peggy (Image: Supplied)

The story of Hamish and Matthew’s quick thinking and compassion did not go unnoticed.

Jen contacted Penarth Town Council to highlight the boys’ commendable actions.

Recognising the significance of their deed, the council arranged a special ceremony at Headlands where the mayor, Cllr Gwenda Roberts, presented the boys with certificates of recognition. 

Peggy, who is making a steady recovery but now uses a wheelchair, attended the presentation to express her gratitude personally.

“We are so impressed by these young men,” said Mike. “Their kindness and bravery in a moment of crisis meant the world to us.” 

Jen Morrish added: “The ceremony was a poignant reminder of the positive impact of community spirit and the remarkable character of the younger generation.

"Hamish and Matthew’s actions have set a shining example for their peers and the community and perfectly symbolise the values we espouse at Headlands School. 

"We are all extremely proud of them and were delighted Peggy and Mike were able to join us in the celebration of Hamish and Matthew’s fine deed.”