LABOUR'S Stephen Doughty has held his seat of Cardiff South and Penarth in the General Election.

Doughty received 17,428 of the vote with Green's Anthony Slaughter coming second with 5,661 votes.

Cardiff South and Penarth had a low turnout of 53.98 per cent of the vote.

Doughty was a clear winner getting more votes than the next three parties combined.

Result: Cardiff South and Penarth in the General Election 2024

  • Stephen Doughty, LABOUR: 17,428
  • Anthony David Slaughter, GREEN: 5,661
  • Ellis Smith, CONSERVATIVE: 5,459
  • Simon Andrew Llewellyn: REFORM: 4,493
  • Sharifah Rahman: PLAID CYRMU: 3,227
  • Alex Wilson: LIB DEM: 2,908

Turnout 53.93%