TEN PEOPLE are gearing up to do a zip wire challenge, in a bid to raise money for a sight loss charity.

The sponsored zip wire event, called the Zip4Sight will be held on Saturday, July 13, at Zip World Tower in Aberdare and has been organised by sight loss charitySight Cymru.

Julie Thomas, organiser of the event and rehabilitation service manager for Sight Cymru, said: "Sight Cymru is an independent Welsh charity aiming to support people with Sight Loss in Wales."

Ms Thomas, 56, added that the charity also helps to "prevent unnecessary sight loss, support Welsh Local Authorities and health boards in providing excellent Rehabilitation Services in the Vale, Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Torfaen and Neath Porth Talbot areas."

Some of the zipliners who will be taking part in the event.Some of the zipliners who will be taking part in the event. (Image: Sight Cymru)

Staff and volunteers will brave the 920m long, 70mph zipwire, at Tower Colliery in Aberdare, in a bid to raise vital funds for people with sight loss across South Wales.

10 people are getting ready to do the Zip4Sight challenge, five of whom have visual impairments themselves.

Ms Thomas, who is one of the 10 people doing the challenge, said: "I cannot believe that I have agreed to complete this challenge as I am petrified at the thought of being strapped into a Zip Wire mile above the Aberdare Quarry.

"Every time I think of doing this challenge it turns my stomach!!

"However, I feel passionately about raising money for our charity.”

Zip4Sight Sight Cymru posterZip4Sight Sight Cymru poster (Image: Sight Cymru)

Geraint Bolan, another zipliner who will be taking on the challenge, explained: "Not a fan of anything above ground level but helping raise money for sight Cymru because they offer so much. is sure to help as I keep my eyes closed all the way down the zipline.”

Others like Tony Morgan, 66, have said they will be "looking backwards to it in fact its back home for me.

"These slopes were my playgrounds as a child as I am from Cwmbach”.

Lian Mountford said she is "really looking forward to helping out such a good cause and making a positive difference for Sight Cymru, I’m terrified of the height though”

Felicity Ball and Grace Britten added that they are excited to raise money to help "such a good cause" and to give back, despite both being nervous about the height of the zipline.

Zipliners will do a sponsored zipline at Zip World Tower in Aberdare to support Sight Cymru in supporting people with sight loss in Wales, "on the world's 1st seated zipwire".

A case study is given on the Zip4Sight JustGiving page, where those who would like to can donate to the cause.

Anyone wishing to take part can contact Julie Thomas on julie.thomas@sightcymru.org.uk.