WESTBOURNE School Sixth Form students are celebrating after receiving a sweep of excellent results in their latest IB Diploma exams, securing them entry into some of the country’s most outstanding Russell Group universities, including the University of Cambridge, University College London and King’s College London.

Top scoring students Huyen and Sandria both scored an exceptional 43 points, Huyen securing her place to read Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

Huyen, who joined Westbourne from Vietnam, was inspired to apply to Cambridge following the success of Westbourne alumni including Anthony Phung, also from Vietnam, who achieved 45 Points in his IB Diploma at Westbourne, before embarking on a stellar academic career at Cambridge and a fully funded PhD scholarship at Caltech. Huyen’s application to Cambridge was further strengthened by her success in winning a number of national olympiads in mathematics whilst at Westbourne. She said today:

“It was a splendid journey filled with growth and discovery. These years have been a blend of challenges and triumphs, and I am deeply grateful for my teachers' support. The IB Diploma Programme has pushed me comprehensively from academia to personal achievements. Whilst the rigorous curriculum was demanding, it has made completing this journey even more exciting.”

Huyen, off to CambridgeHuyen, off to Cambridge (Image: Westbourne College)

Like Huyen, Sandria (who is taking a gap year, before studying medicine) and Oscar (who will attend UCL to study Computer Science) have completed their IB Diploma studies one year early - a testament to the ambitious, focused students Westbourne attracts, as well as the school’s outstanding teaching.

Westbourne has a century-long history of facilitating student access to the world’s leading universities, including Oxbridge and the top London universities, with graduates consistently ranking within the top 1% worldwide. This year sees a record number of Westbourne students secure places on leading STEM and business focused university courses, reflecting the school’s growing reputation for excellence in these fields.

Other top scorers today include Alena and Maria, who will both study Business at the University of Bath; Avril who will study International Management at King's College London; Isabelle, who will progress to UCL to read Natural Sciences; Bowie, who embarks on a Medical Sciences degree at Exeter; Priya, who will read Biomedical Sciences at King’s; and Rex, who will study medicine at Hong Kong University.

The IB Diploma advantage

Marmaduke, whose excellent results today have confirmed his place to read Global Sustainable Development & Business at the University of Warwick, said of the IB: “The IB was an interesting journey that relied on initiative and personal dedication. Doing more subjects than A levels meant I stayed busy in school and was able to focus throughout the two years better.”

Head of School, Miss Joanne Chinnock, said: “The IB Diploma Programme offers unparalleled opportunities for academic and personal growth, and is a stepping stone to the finest universities internationally. We are so proud of our students’ results this year, which reflect the school’s expertise in STEM and business, with a huge number of our students now progressing to study these disciplines, alongside medicine and law, at the very best universities.”