THE Schooner Harvester in Penarth is looking for diners to join a Food Panel, which will help decide on future menus.

The manager of the restaurant on Lavernock Road wants to hear from people who feel they have what it takes in the taste department, to help advise on menu development.

Clare Velosa, manager of the Schooner Harvester, said: “We are always looking for feedback on our menus and we feel that by creating a food panel, we will have the perfect forum in which to discuss how we should be changing our offer to guests.

“Members of the Harvester food panel will be required to have regular meals at the restaurant, fill in assessment forms on the quality of the dishes and service, and take part in scheduled meetings with other members of the panel.”

Harvester is creating the Food Panel to add local feedback in its decisions when adapting its menus.

Members of the panel will be entitled to a free, three-course meal for two once a quarter.

Anyone looking to register their interest should call the Food Panel hotline on 0121 3624060, or visit