A RAP about Penarth has become an internet hit, thanks to the efforts of three lyrical poets from Cardiff.

‘P-Town (feat T-Stain)’ is a satirical take on life in the Garden-by-the-Sea – and follows in the footsteps of similar rhyming tributes.

In a track reminiscent of world famous rapper Dr Dre's ‘California Love’, Joel Dear, Tom Bonelle and Meic Haran (T-Stain) have produced a modern ode to Penarth.

The trio posted the song and video, which features several key landmarks in the town, on social networking site Facebook – and have won rave reviews from those who have heard the track.

Joel, 18, said: “Tom and I turned up at Meic's house and recorded P-Town, which I had written the lyrics for after a trip to Penarth the previous day.

“The video took a little longer.

“We drove down to Penarth one Thursday afternoon, intending to do it all in one go, but we had to go two or three times to get everything we needed.

“A lot of people seem to have missed the sarcastic nature of the song entirely and just taken it at face value,” he said.

“But I prefer to think of it as an affectionate parody.

“We do love Penarth, but a lot of the people I know who live there complain that there's very little to do - so it's written for them, I suppose.”

Joel is currently working on a rap version of King Lear, although he admits it will be hard to top the fame generated from the Penarth tribute.

“Tom said he wanted to go to the charity shops in Penarth at some point just to get mobbed,” added Joel.

“I was stopped on the streets of Cardiff by a girl who had seen the video and wanted a photo with me.

“That was strange!

“We certainly didn't expect P-Town to take off like it has, but I guess we found a niche.”

To view P-Town you need a Facebook account. Log on and go to: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=177011175554&ref=mf