THE identity of the man responsible for Penarth’s fantastic Alexandra Park wood carvings has been revealed - and it is none other than park foreman Mike Scott!

The talented council worker creates all the carvings out of trees which are either dead or decaying, using a chainsaw, and he dedicated more than six hours to his latest work - a large owl near the Rectory Road entrance to the park.

He said he likes to carve the stumps to commemorate ‘fallen giants’.

“I would prefer to see a living tree over any of my carvings,” he said.

“But if a tree has been knocked down or is dying, I like to try and create something out of it - like a testament to a living giant.

“I see it as a way to mark the memory of where a magnificent tree once stood.”

Mike started carving the collection of creatures - which includes eagles and meerkats, as well as owls – more than three years ago, and said it has now become something of a hobby.

“I used to enjoy drawing and have always had a passion for art in one form or another,” he added.

“This is just another way for me to express my creative nature.

“I think it adds a bit more interest for children as well, and I hope they can enjoy the park, seeking out the various animals.”

The latest owl was completed around two weeks ago, and Mike used his late grandfather's chisels and plane on a carving for the first time.

“My grandfather was a carpenter and the tools of his trade were recently passed down to me through my father, so I will use them to add extra detail to any new carving I do,” he added.

He creates the work in his own time, making use of the sunlight in the evenings after he finishes and before the park closes at dusk.

And his work has won many fans among park-goers.

“The new addition to the ever-growing flock is magnificent,” said one local resident.

“Keep up the good work!”