JOHN Gough and Stuart Merry were delighted to learn that they were winners of GPG’s monthly green award for their garden and pet shop known as 'Chris Capus', a local shop which has been trading for over 100 years.

The award is given for businesses that belong to the Shop in Penarth (SiP) scheme and that are trying in one way or another to operate in an eco-friendly way. GPG was particularly impressed by the way Chris Capus sells dry pet food, seed potatoes, onion sets etc loose, so avoiding unnecessary packaging. Recycling is also high on the agenda as old newspapers are turned into briquettes which are sold as fuel.

Chris Capus, with its constantly changing array of plants for sale on the pavement, is also promoting gardening, which is dear to the heart of GPG members. John Gough is confident about the future of local shopping.

"More people are seeing the advantages of shopping locally," he said.

"You may save a little on some things by going to the multi-nationals, but you gain far more in terms of the friendliness and service provided by local shops, where you are not just another customer, but someone we value." John’s major concern is parking which he thinks some retailers make worse by parking themselves in spaces which are intended for shoppers.

GPG’s SiP project is one of a number which are aimed at raising awareness of climate change and helping reduce carbon emissions.

GPG believes that ‘by shopping in Penarth, people use less petrol and therefore produce less carbon waste - that’s good for the environment and for the pocket’. For more information about the SiP project go to