ON June 7, Town Mayor Cllr Anthony Ernest was delighted to welcome Allan and Margaret Wilson from Mildura, Victoria, Australia, to West House.

Allan and Margaret had come to meet with Town Council representatives and to view the plaque on the front of West House in memory of Sergeant Samuel Pearse VC, who had been born in Penarth but had emigrated to and lived, before his death, in Mildura.

As the president of Mildura Returned Services League, Allan had been instrumental in the unveiling of a life-size bronze of Samuel Pearse, the town’s most decorated hero, in Mildura in 2009.

Allan and Margaret were in Wales to visit their son who, as a member of the Australian Army, is currently based in Brecon.

During their visit to West House, Cllr John Fraser, Leader of the Town Council, presented Allan with two copies of a booklet he had written in honour and memory of Sergeant Samuel George Pearse VC MM and Captain Richard William Leslie Wain VC, "The Two Gallant Self Sacrificing Soldiers".

One copy was for Allan as president of Mildura RSL and another for the only daughter of Sergeant Samuel Pearce, Victoria Christen, who is 92 years old and lives in Sydney, Australia.

Cllr Ernest said: "It was a great privilege to meet Allan and Margaret who have made a considerable effort to visit Penarth, and we are delighted that they now have first hand knowledge of our town and the houses that these two very brave soldiers once lived in.

"Mildura, although not a large town, has recognised its adopted son Samuel Pearse, and bestowed a splendid tribute to that bravery.

"Our thanks and best wishes to Mildura go with Allan and Margaret, as they return home from Penarth."