A YOUNG Penarth lad by the name of Bannister learnt a painful lesson recently – after falling off a banister and breaking his wrist!

Eight-year-old Jacob had jumped onto the railing to slide down from his third-floor bedroom at home in Clive Place, but misjudged the daredevil stunt, falling over the side and onto the stairs.

The youngster, who attends Albert Primary and plays football for Inter Penarth, was found in agony by his parents the night before the first day of school.

"It was the worst time to do it," said his mum, Kate.

"We had gone the whole summer with no incidents, then it happened the night before school started again."

Jacob didn’t quite see it that way, though.

"What she means is it happened on the best day, because I didn’t miss a single minute of the holidays!" he said.

The youngster has promised his mum never to do it again.

"I hope he’s learnt his lesson," added Kate.