I NOTICE from the latest Welsh Government election publication in Sully that “it was a pleasure to join fellow residents and members of the Saving Sully Group... for the Valentine’s event. Thanks also to both Alun Cairns MP and Andrew RT Davies AM for kindly donating some prizes for the evening’s raffle.”

This begs the question whether Messrs Cairns and Davies were the only donors. If so, why?

If not, who were the other donors and why was there no mention of them in the Welsh Conservatives’ publication, in the spirit of “the very best of community life?” Are the Welsh Conservatives simply parking their tanks on the Saving Sully Group’s lawn?

We should be told. We should also be told why in the same publication the two Independent councillors in Sully are described as “ex-Ukip”.

One of them certainly has Ukip connections, the other certainly not. That was a cheap shot and a public apology should be forthcoming from the Welsh Conservatives.

We await with interest.

Robin Lynn

Cog Road