I NOTE with satisfaction and approval that some of the paths in Alexandra Park in Penarth have been resurfaced.

This park is one I visit quite frequently en route to the Esplanade and the Pier, as often as not.

These paths were badly worn in places, so that remedial work – possibly still ongoing as I write – has been hardly premature.

The fact that there are council elections in the near future has nothing to do with this welcome programme of work, of course.

Elsewhere, the lane opposite my home is badly pot-holed, and has been for many years.

Patching up has, in the past two decades or so, been infrequent and very limited in areas.

The council artist with the yellow chalk has indicated a number of sites in the lane with potholes designated for repair.

One awaits the start of the actual repairs in this very battered lane surface which I traverse, as a pedestrian, at least once every day, sometimes with irritation at the very rough terrain.

Michael O'Neill

Railway Terrace