OUR MP, Stephen Doughty, is right to ask Theresa May why she is willing to risk the break-up of Britain with her reckless approach to Brexit, but it’s now far too late for Labour to try to and lock the stable door when the horse has bolted.

All our most-experienced civil servants are working on Brexit instead of solving our productivity deficit, and austerity will continue due to the £50billion bill for projects that we are already committed to.

Theresa May’s cuts to school budgets mean that our future workforce will be even less equipped to deal with the challenges of automation.

Professor Simon Wren-Lewis has calculated that the amount of lost output, through self-defeating austerity cuts, equals the amount of the deficit.

Welfare cuts in the pipeline will drive more people into destitution, and possibly prison, in this short-term false economy of cutting to save expenditure which can only mean more expenditure in the longer term, with less output to fund it.

Even leading Brexiteers now admit that we cannot manage without EU immigrants to staff our hospitals and pick our crops.

Every businessman knows that you need to invest money to make money, but our capitalism is consuming itself through ever-faster profit returns without investment in future productivity.

Government failure to properly tax these profits, for example the profits large pharmaceutical companies make from the NHS, results in public services on the verge of collapse.

At a time when the government can borrow to invest in infrastructure for next to nothing, Tory failure to invest in Britain’s future is criminal and is reflected in our low growth rate, which has nothing to do with Brussels.

As much of our energy and rail infrastructure is owned by European state-owned companies untries, it is difficult to see how Brexit will help us to take back control.

Margaret Phelps

Raisdale Gardens