AN open letter to Mr Hazell, Pier Pavilion Penarth.

Dear Mr Hazell,

Please be assured my reason for writing is the success of our Pavilion and Cinema.

Forgive me for sending an open letter in a personal capacity. I have tried more usual communication without success. Please would you consider coming with me on an outing to Blaenavon so that we may visit the Workmen’s Hall 68 Seat Cinema.

I am assured the cinema is able to pay it’s way and respectfully suggest we may learn from the experience.

Perhaps we could take in a movie. How about Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast, Hacksaw Ridge or the Smurfs Lost Village? Showing in April in the same size 68 seat cinema as ours.

I am proud to say my son is a councillor elect locally and he would be pleased to set up a meeting with the cinema trustees/management committee for us.

I was unaware of any discussions between yourself and Penarth Town councillors and not standing for re-election have no political motive. At the same time as your discussions I wrote to a PACL Trustee for help to arrange a meeting.

Suggesting that your trustees meet (informally) with a group of community representatives. Excluding myself from the meeting as a councillor then as – quite rightly – advised to do by Penarth Town Council officers. I have had no response to my request.

Eight persons were keen to meet with you all suitably qualified with charity sector experience. Penarth resident lawyers – chartered accountants, arts management graduates and prominent business persons.

May I look forward to our excursion to Blaenavon and the reopening of our cinema soon?

Philip Rapier

Roxburgh Garden Court