THERE was quite a gathering in the centre of Dinas Powys last week of the great and the good.

Apparently one of the reasons was to ‘show support’ for a Dinas Powys Bypass.

However, says Richard Grigg, the Plaid spokesperson for the bypass and Dinas Powys local election candidate, one slight flaw in the carefully arranged event was the fact that many Conservatives councillors had actually voted against a bypass.

Mr Grigg said: “When the Conservative councillors could have clearly showed a real level of support they did the opposite.

They voted down a Plaid Cymru proposal to include a bypass in the Vale’s Local Transport Plan.

“This plan set out the Vale’s priorities and is vital when negotiating with government for the necessary cash.

“We warned that adding 10,000 houses to the Vale without the necessary roads and public transport was simply going to clog up our communities.

“We objected to allocating the land at the former St Cyres School Murch Road for housing.

Although it would cross the path of the bypass the Conservative Councillors went ahead and voted to build on the site.

“However what they forget to tell people is that in the original Plan Conservatives they wanted to build even more houses on the land. Now they complain about the extra traffic being created.

“So what has made this issue so different now? Simply Dinas Powys is now the number one target in Wales for the Conservative bid for power. As soon as the election is over they will forget all about the traffic problems that they have caused.”

Chris Franks,

Plaid Cymru candidate for Dinas Powys