IN his View from Westminster our MP, Stephen Doughty, makes clear that Brexit is the central issue of this snap election because it will determine whether or not we crash out of our biggest single market on which our future prosperity depends.

Theresa May’s gung-ho Brexiteers patently have no plan to overcome their total impotence in complex negotiations with 27 other EU nations, apart from their intention to keep repatriated powers for themselves, which will put paid to any attempt at parliamentary scrutiny or democratic control.

In a parliamentary democracy, a general election is more democratic than an advisory referendum, however much our shameless right wing press trumpets a narrow Leave vote as “the will of the people”.

All Labour candidates must take the initiative in putting the remain case because they have a duty to protect their constituents from falling living standards and vanishing public services.

Labour councils cannot cope with cuts that have fallen more heavily on them than their Tory counterparts.

These cuts to school budgets, and social care necessary to free-up hospital beds, can only get worse if we continue the madness of leaving our largest single market. Not only were voters lied to last June about more money for the NHS but it’s now clear that Brexit will mean the end of our NHS.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Phelps,

Raisdale Gardens,