I’VE read a number of our MP Stephen Doughty’s comments in the Penarth Times and I may be wrong but I’ve yet to read any reference by him about his illustrious leader Jeremy Corbyn.

I see him give plenty of criticism of our Prime Minister Theresa May and the President of America Donald Trump but nothing of the attributes of Mr Corbyn.

Is it perhaps selective amnesia where his leader is concerned?

Or might it be because he’s done everything he could do to prevent Mr Corbyn continuing to be the leader of his party, including his support for Liz Kendall and Angela Eagle to replace Mr Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

Or could it be his betrayal voting against Mr Corbyn (and the UK) in the Brexit vote. At least he had the courage of his convictions, unlike ‘Brexit flu’ Diane Abbott. Seriously where does he stand?

Is he going to support Mr Corbyn and eat humble pie, or is he going to tell his constituents that Mr Corbyn is not fit to be in charge of anything, certainly not the UK. God forbid.

Paul Fenton,

Wordsworth Avenue,