Dinas Powys Plaid Cymru must have a fantastic economic policy.

Somehow they personally resurface roads, tennis and sports courts, paint yellow lines on roads and carry out repairs to the Parish Hall, and more. That’s without spending a penny of Party funds.

This work is really done by the Vale or Community Councils and paid for by the taxpayer – not a Political Party.

They don’t mention each of the three Plaid Cymru Vale councillors is paid nearly £14,000 a year to work for us all.

But they groan at Conservatives promoting the by-pass as part of their election launch.

The by-pass campaign and petition started and continues to be funded entirely by Conservatives without a penny from a council or Plaid Cymru.

They don’t remind us Chris Franks was a Member of the Welsh Assembly Coalition Government between 2007 and 2011.

That’s when Plaid Cymru held the transport cabinet post and did absolutely nothing for the Dinas Powys by-pass.

Our facts have been researched and revealed openly in the Press and on our website www.dinaspowysbypass.co.uk . Not one iota of information has been received from Plaid Cymru Vale councillors. Is this Community representation?

They claim the 225 houses proposed at the St Cyres School site would ‘cross the path of the by-pass.’ They won’t.

Vale Managing Director, Rob Thomas answering a Conservative enquiry last week said: “The development site does not prevent the provision of a route between Dinas Powys and Penarth.” Two years ago the Vale’s Head of Visible Services Emma Reed told me the same – when Cllrs Franks and Hartrey were present.

When we told the public Cllr Franks commented other places in Mid and North Wales needed a by-pass. He was elected to represent Dinas Powys!

Dinas Powys residents deserve only the truth and facts.

Rod Harrod,

Chairman of Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group