Recent issues of the Penarth Times, alongside Plaid Cymru’s mailings, have made fascinating reading.

The extraordinary impact Plaid claim to have had on all aspects of village life. Or have they?

PT April 6 “Plaid successfully had the £2,400 fines rescinded.”

I was interested, because their claim had not been endorsed by the beneficiaries.

Fortunately Anthony Lewis of the PT put this false claim right last week.

It was the efforts of A Class Apart and Valley View Fruit Stores, who stated that with the help and guidance of Cllr Driscoll ( Conservative) that they were the owners of this success – not Plaid.

This is not the only time Plaid have declared themselves to be the sole engineers of successful outcomes of village issues.

Road Surfacing – It is the Highway Authority together with the Community Council who achieve this, not Plaid.

Improvements and repairs to the Village halls and Village centre – not true.

It is the hard working team at the Parish Hall who carried out the work, NOT Plaid.

There was an organised litter pick. In Plaid’s “ Voice” a nice photograph of Plaid with a bag of rubbish.

Were they present at the official event? No. Another opportunity to get on the bandwagon. The only Councillor present was Chris Williams (independent) Plaid were not present.

The Village by pass would require a letter of its own. Plaid laid the blame for the failure to include the bypass in the LDP Transport plan on the Conservatives.

It was rejected by the Labour majority not just the Conservatives, as Cllr Frank’s letter last week would have you believe. Yet another misrepresentation of the facts.

This sort of self glorification effectively strips some specific Plaid councillors of the dignity of being elected representatives of the community.

Electors, please do try and read behind the claims in future, before you cast your vote based on falsehoods and pure electioneering.

Edward Jenkins,

Mill Road,

Dinas Powys