I read recently about the proposed by-pass that is intended to alleviate traffic flow through Dinas Powys.

It is obvious to any observer that the problem lies with the Merrie Harrier and Barons Court junctions. These issues have to be resolved before a by-pass is even considered. Adding another road to the Merrie Harrier junction is pure lunacy.

As a Dinas Powys resident, formerly living in Penarth, I find it incredible that a relatively small number of vociferous people are hogging the headlines and shouting very loudly for a by-pass, whilst the people of Penarth seem to collectively shrug their shoulders and put up with gridlock in and out of Penarth on a daily basis and have done so for many years.

Clearly the needs of Penarth with its greater population are much more pressing and urgent.

Unfortunately, Penarth doesn’t have its own action group, demanding change. Why not?

Hopefully, the powers that be will not bow to the demands of the few, but realise that solving Penarth’s greater and more urgent transport issues will automatically have a positive impact on transport through Dinas Powys, thus removing the need for an expensive and pointless by-pass.

Name and address withheld.