A FRENCH poet Paul Valery who lived from 1871 to 1945 achieved eminence even in his lifetime and was given a state funeral. He was pretty intellectual and high-brow especially in his voluminous prose writing, he making the observation therein “stupidity is not my forte.”

That brings me to the Vale council.

If they were to give planning permission for a housing estate on the site of the former Dinas Powys school without first improving the social infrastructure, that in my view would be stupidity.

Then we have the May government which intends largely to disregard the land border between Northern Ireland and the south (Irish republic) for good motives, admittedly but in a situation where the two territories do not have a common government nor common jurisprudential status. A man from Mars might call that “stupid.”

There is a real dilemma here, admittedly, one created by David Cameron arguably.

Michael O’Neill

Railway Terrace