IN HIS view from Westminster our MP, Stephen Doughty, tells us that he is asking the secretary of state for Wales what discussions he has had with the Welsh Government on exiting the EU.

We already know, however, that the secretary of state has endorsed the assertion of Mrs May’s deputy that the UK has no interest at all in any kind of power grab when the government intends that the Brexit bill will consist of “regulations”, most of which will only be examined by parliament if an annulment motion is tabled in time.

This will fatally erode the power of parliament as well as the powers of the Welsh Assembly.

Wales has been short-changed by Westminster for years leaving it to EU subsidies and council tax rises to plug the financial hole.

We have a Labour government in Wales but we delude ourselves if we think that our NHS has not suffered a knock-on effect from the privatisation of NHS England.

Our prisons and probation services are already privatised, to their great detriment, and our universities are damaged by marketisation.

Leave voters who voted to bring back control will find Wales, and all the under-funded regions outside the Tory shires even more impoverished.

Margaret Phelps

Raisdale Gardens