I observed a Traffic Warden happily putting parking tickets on vehicles in Windsor Road on Tuesday, October 10.

Innocent people shopping in Penarth giving revenue to local business men and women. How to put the public off using our local shops.

No wonder many of us use out of town shops on a regular basis.

Then you look at Penarth with beautiful houses in the region of £750,000 to maybe over a £1m, with cars parked outside these properties for nine hours at a time.

These drivers use the train but park along Westbourne Road, Victoria Road, Victoria Square etc etc turning these roads into car parks.

Why has the Vale of Glamorgan council made Station Approach parking restricted to one hour? Why not use the area for about 18 or 20 cars to park for the station and let the gorgeous roads around Penarth have restricted parking for two hours at a time.

Visitors to the shops at Royal Buildings could walk from the Victoria Road/Square area very easily.

Why should residents be forced to live with cars parked end to end for hours every working day.

I believe if a councillor lived in any of these areas used as daily car parks, something would be done to restrict this happening.

When filming was being done in Victoria Road and Square last week, all these drivers who use Victoria Road were forced to find an alternative. Great to see the road empty.

As residents I guess they have to get permission to take a tree down in their own garden in a conservation area but the area can be a daily car park.

Is this fair to home owners?

I look forward to the Vale of Glamorgan being a little more pro active for the drivers in Penarth.

Why not convert the old Monty Smith garage into a car park? We do not need any more shops etc.

Name and address withheld