Dear Editor,

As our MP, Stephen Doughty, states that Theresa May's speech on Brexit left us with more questions than answers, why not hold a constituency meeting to examine these important questions, and urge all his fellow Labour MPs to do the same as a prelude to a general election on this crucial issue.

Those who reject the validity of the 2016 referendum result so narrowly won on the falsehoods of £350m a week for the NHS, and that EU immigration was to blame for our shrinking public services rather than austerity cuts forced on local councils, are now in the majority as we can see that all of us are poorer by the day thanks to Brexit.

We are not a vassal state of the EU for as long as we have representation in the European parliament, which we do not have in the US Congress despite paying billions for an American trident missile 'defence' system that does not protect us from the use of radioactive isotopes, or nerve agents, in our cities.

Did Tory Brexiteers respect the result of the 1975 EU referendum when they spent decades agitating against our membership of the largest free trade area in the world? Their real agenda is same as right-wing American Republicans who have drastically cut corporation tax to concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands and make poorer voters dependent on charity in place of welfare.

After losing her majority in her snap general election Theresa May clings to power by clinging to Brexit despite knowing the economic and political damage it is inflicting on her country.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Phelps

Raisdale Gardens