Dear Sir/Madam,

It appears S Evans (Letters: Mar 8) has thrown an ecclesiastical tantrum and flung his/her (pagan-originated) rosary beads out of the pram, so to speak.

The writer has suddenly declared the revealing debate on the true nature of the "holy spirit" and the Church's pagan Trinity doctrine as a "futile argument".

On the contrary.

From the prophets of old to Jesus and his apostles, spiritual men (and women) fought tirelessly against the infiltration of false teachings into true worship: "(The) religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this... to keep oneself from being polluted by the world" (The Holy Bible: James 1:27, NIV).

How ironic then, that it was the sanctimonious Church who reinstated much paganism, including the veneration of images (incl. the cross), mother (Mary) devotion, the Roman festival Saturnalia (Christmas' origin) and the (highly lucrative) "teaching" (threat) of "eternal hellfire" – audaciously declaring them all as "sanctified".

Nevertheless, it is refreshing to hear from someone who takes an interest in the Bible which, although still the best-selling book of all time, is now largely either misunderstood, derided – or even despised – in our increasingly evolution "brainwashed", atheistic and, consequently, violent and immoral world.

Yours faithfully,

Dr John F Harvey

Highwalls Avenue

Dinas Powys

Another year almost passed and just like all the previous years Councils around the country have hiked up Council Tax payments for residents, and we have councils again moaning the increases and cuts to services are being forced on them by lack of funding from the Welsh Government.

The Welsh Government themselves blame Westminster yet they can find almost £10,000 for Carwyn Jones to hire his own Jet to take him to France to watch a football match. Cardiff Council are no better, they are heaping  misery on the good people of Cardiff with a massive rise in tax and also cuts yet they can afford to wipe over £4million off of loan repayments owed to the people by Glamorgan County Cricket Club. And next a bit closer to home we have the useless Vale Council whom are also moaning about funding from the Welsh Government.

Here in the Vale all we have is cuts,the council turn away investment from the food discount store Aldis, Henry Danter wanted to turn Nells point into a Caravan park come Leisure Complex this was turned down by the Council, they have no interest in the people whatsoever.

The Council are now investing in new street lighting which they say will save money yet they turn them down at midnight along with the other lights to save money.

The final nail in the peoples coffin will be if these new black bag collection rules come in at 2 bags per fortnight,this will be a step too far. It seems Councillors plead poverty to the people yet pot fulls of cash can be found if they want something, prime example last Christmas the caring Vale Council withdrew funding to give elderly residents and the vulnerable of our society a Christmas Dinner yet not long after found over £4,000 for a Mayos Bash.

We have a so called CEO on over £140,000 a year who offers not one penny of value to the people he must go, the Vale Leader on over £40,000 a year he and the rest of the Councillors should drop down to the minimum wage,not only that, its time to have a cull of Councillors of at least half, if the council need to save money get rid of the dead weight councillors.


Coleridge Crescent