It is widely accepted that we have an epidemic of loneliness, not just among older people, but younger people too. But our research shows a chink of light.

Almost half of 22-35 year-olds we polled spend time with someone aged 65+ who they are not related to - like a neighbour or friend - every week, and turn to them for advice.

It’s heartening to know millennials value the company of older people. With a lifetime of experience, older people have a wealth of knowledge that we can all benefit from.

The people in our care homes, retirement living and community support services across Britain have shared their life lessons as part of our Words of Wisdom campaign (, encouraging people to value the wisdom gained with age.

We’re calling on people to reach out to older people and ask for their life lessons. Even small acts like having a chat and a cup of tea with an older neighbour, can have a huge impact on strengthening bonds and bringing people together.

Sam Monaghan

Chief executive of Methodist Homes,