The surgery anger headlined in Penarth Times on January 27 is still alive. 

After spinning it out, the health board has now released documents relating to the closure of Albert Road Surgery on the "whatdotheyknow" website.

The spirit of "no surrender" runs high, seeing the need for a surgery in north Penarth is a moral issue and on the agenda of the Senedd Petitions Committee.

The anger is based on a deep feeling of betrayal - by whom is not easy to establish. 

The health board's "primary care team" blame Dr Leppick for handing back her contract, but she had no option when the lease ended, because they wouldn't help. 

Under the 2019 Primary Care Plan for Wales, the local GP cluster were to decide what to do and the PCT has to help maintain GP services. Instead, the PCT decided not to help, but to force the closure. 

The cluster of GPs at Stanwell, Redlands, Dinas Powys and Sully had no alternative but share out the patients despite the overload on each. 

In Penarth we are represented in the Senedd by Vaughan Gething MS. He held a meeting with the PCT at an early stage, last November. Did he tell the PCT to support the north Penarth practice, as the Primary Care Plan for Wales says? It seems not.

A few days ago, Mr Gething was questioned on Wales-Cast about the purchase of the £4.5 million farm for the Green Man festival. He promised the inquiry would be "no whitewash". Likewise, at the Petitions Committee, we expect "no whitewash" but full regard for justice for the sick, babies and toddlers, and elderly who are particularly hit by the decision to deprive north Penarth of our surgery.

The Senedd upholds values for care of children, care of the elderly, care for social justice and care for future generations. The Commission for Future Generations, Sophie Howe, proclaimed it in her TED talk.

I remember Dr Leppick closing the surgery on its last day; I thanked her and Dr Yousef for devotion to their patients. Their valour contrasts with Vaughan Gething's failure to represent the interests of his constituents.

Let's see what the Senedd Petitions Committee make of it.

Max Scott-Cooke