REGARDING last week's picture of the ship which crashed into the pier (Penarth Times, 15 May) - I remember it very well.

Our family took visitors to the prom that day for coffee and to see the sights of Penarth.

The weather was cold and windy and the sea was very rough. As we were sitting in the cafe, the ship seemed to sail too close to shore. We thought it would miss the end of the pier but it seemed to lose control and hit it.

It crashed with a dreadful noise into the pier, the buildings shook with planks of wood falling out of them like match-sticks. I believe it then swung around and banged into the pier broadside.

There were only a few people on the promenade as the weather was so blustery, but within an hour, word had got around and there were hundreds of people who had come to see what had happened - this was certainly a remarkable drama.

Pat Richards Bradford Place Penarth Blown away IN REFERENCE to the picture in Penarth Times, May 15.

I used to live at the Marine Building and I remember walking around the beach, late afternoon, with my parents and seeing the American Liberty Ship blown into the marina end of the pier.

I think there my have been a dance on?

J R Chandler Grove Place Penarth