CLIMATE change - what change?

The term "climate change" was thought up by profiteers - in my view - to extract even more money out of people's pockets than they do now. This climate change hysteria is very infectious and targeted towards the gullible.

One small example of this is the promotion of these smart meters - what nonsense. The only thing these smart meters will do is divert and guarantee payments to these profiteers, directly from your bank account to theirs and - in doing so - making millions from a worldwide population.

These significant weather changes are being caused by our universe continuing to evolve, nothing else. You have only to look back in time to the ancient carvings around the world, read the Bible and other old scriptures, which will tell their own story of the tremendous changes over the world over millions of years.

Currently our global weather is quite stable but things are changing. Our universe has been here before and I predict that we are going to have tremendous water level rises because of the ice melt and there will be another ice age in the distant future. Our world has been too stable for a long time and something will happen - there is nothing we can do to stop it as our universe continues to evolve.

What we do have is a serious man made pollution problem which needs to be addressed. The world populations needs to drastically decrease its toxic polluting activities which are causing damage to the human bodies and increasing the possibility of early death. Traffic exhaust emissions are polluting roadside properties and causing all sorts of health problems.

There has been a massive increase in traffic related noise in residential areas which, in my view, is causing a rise in mental problems including dementia. Another toxic problem is the minute plastic particles in the drinking water and in the food chain.

Society needs to wake up and get a grip before all these toxins spread any further.

We could have had hydrogen and electric powered vehicles years ago, but there was no appetite because too many profiteers worldwide have their fingers in the pie and are not going to give up their means of vast profits until they are forced too.

Another serious man made pollution problem is the promotion by authorities of these toxic belching incinerators within highly populated areas causing untold health problems.

Referring back to the term "climate change" which - in my view - is nonsense. Yes, the sea levels are rising and - looking back in time - sea levels increased as much as 770 metres then they decreased to a period when there was very little water in the Bristol Channel.

All this hysteria in regard to the term "climate change" churned out by the mass media to sell their nonsense stories is causing anxiety within society and needs to be addressed.

Graham Vodden, Penarth