WICK, Cosmeston, Rhoose, Bridgend, Ogmore – the Vale of Glamorgan is now under the banner "Fly grazing".

Since September 2010, the Vale has been experiencing major problems of cobs being dumped in mass numbers all over the county. This is called ‘fly grazing’.

Forty cobs were found on woodland in Wick, some of which died where they stood from starvation. Yet the others were suddenly removed at 5am once the abandonment order was up.

No doubt they will turn up again in another field.

This mass grazing started around mid-January 2011 and by the end of February, to local knowledge, there had been at least six to seven deaths, including two fatalities before December 2010.

The numbers of horses and ponies vary from 150 to 400 at any stage, all at different locations, however when they don’t have food they break out or are let out. Every day horses are out on public highways, dual carriageways, school rugby fields, and busy A roads. Police are regularly called out, up to 30 times in any one week.

In the spring of 2011, 20 horses were dumped at Rhoose Airport site. All were re-homed except for one which had to be put to sleep.

However, later in the year a considerable number of foals were dumped in the same field, with one thrown over the fence. She was taken in by the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies but later had to be put to sleep due to a broken pelvis. A number of others also died from Strangles, a dreadful disease. But these horses and ponies are still being moved around, spreading the disease.

Recently 60 black and white cobs were dumped in Ogmore and of course more than 60 were recently dumped in Cosmeston park.

No-one is dealing with the matter in hand and the situation is escalating out of control daily. It’s very distressing but unfortunately it has become a daily fact of life here in the Vale.

Sanctuaries can only intervene when allowed – often when it is too late.

Soon it will be spring again and more foals will be born, dumped and lose their lives. It’s time for the Vale and Wales to stand up and take action before it’s all too late!

An animal lover