I WOULD like to sympathise with the person whose dog was attacked by another dog that was not on a lead (Penarth Times letters, January 26).

I have written to the Penarth Times over the last three years highlighting this problem in the area.

Very rarely do you see a dog warden in these parts and I have found out that dog wardens do not have any authority to approach or fine these people (why not?).

I also know that a by-law was passed many years ago and signs were put up on park gates saying dogs must be kept on a lead and heavy fines would be implemented.

But the council didn’t employ anyone to enforce this and so you now have the situation of people letting their dogs off a lead as soon as they enter a park (how dull is that?).

I also mentioned that I think the dog warden should be given the authority to approach these people and give them a warning first, then make an example of them by fining them next time, or just fine them on the spot.

Until this is done, you are still going to get these idiot dog owners getting away with letting their dogs off a lead, and not only attacking other responsible dog owners’ dogs, but even young children.

Also there is the problem of fouling in areas where these dogs go, like hedges and borders, and the owners don’t see or care what they have done in there.

Don’t forget the poor gardeners who have to go into the hedges to cut them, stepping in all sorts of dog mess.

Come on council, pull your finger out and let’s start doing something about this ongoing problem.

Let’s see this dog warden in the Penarth area a lot more than we have done in the past few years, and not just showing his face when somebody complains in the Penarth Times letter section.

Very angry Penarthian Via e-mail