The middle aisle of Aldi is known as a bit of a treasure trove for an assortment of weird and wonderful items.

It is an aspect about the supermarket that keeps bringing people back, as they look for products they might not have ever thought about purchasing before browsing what there is on offer.

For those keen shoppers who keep an eye out for it, there is plenty to pick in Aldi’s up to 50 per cent off Summer Specialbuy sale.

More than 140 items have some sort of discount on them, with the caveat that some of them are only available to purchase online.

Also, there may be some delays on certain products due to current disruptions with global shipping.

Some of those buy online only items include a Kirton House High Back Desk chair for 33 per cent off at £39.99, and a classic folding bike for 20 per cent off at £199.99.

However, there are still a whole host of things you can get in-store yourself.

What are the items I can get in the middle aisle for the Aldi Summer Speicalbuy sale?

Some of Aldi’s special deals include:

Penarth Times: An Adventuridge LED Lamp (Aldi)An Adventuridge LED Lamp (Aldi)

An Adventuridge LED Lamp with fan for £11.99 at 29 per cent off.

Penarth Times: Kids' 3D Bear Suitcase (Aldi)Kids' 3D Bear Suitcase (Aldi)

A Kids’ 3D Bear Suitcase for £17.49 at 13 per cent off.

Penarth Times: Inflatable jumbo football set (Aldi)Inflatable jumbo football set (Aldi)

Inflatable jumbo football set for £7.49 at a massive 50 per cent off.

Penarth Times: Inflatable Blue Mosaic Lounger (Aldi)Inflatable Blue Mosaic Lounger (Aldi)

An inflatable blue mosaic lounger chair for £12.49 at 50 per cent off.

Penarth Times: Visage Travel Hairdryer (Aldi)Visage Travel Hairdryer (Aldi)

A Visage travel hairdryer for £4.49 at 36 per cent off.

For more information on these items and more visit the Aldi website.