Aldi is launching three new Hotel Collection Inclusion Candles in time for Christmas.

The luxury candles are part of the supermarket’s already popular festive home range.

Priced against other luxury candles, Aldi’s range will see customers save up to £21 with its £6.99 range.

Scents are available in Winter Spice, White Petals and Paradise, and are available in-store now.

The same scents are also available in Aldi’s Inclusion Diffusers for just £4.99.

With notes of rose and jasmine fused with rich cedarwood tones are combined to form the White Petals scent, perfect for those looking for a contemporary winter aroma.

If you’re looking for a touch of tradition, the Winter Spice scent infuses the warm notes of orange with rich cinnamon and bases of clove for a generous festive fragrance infusion.

The soft scent of bergamot combined with sensual amber and rich vanilla create the Paradise scent, the sweeter option of the Festive Home Range.

Aldi’s new Inclusion Diffusers and accompanying Inclusion Candles are available in stores nationwide now.