A BOMB scare at Penarth Grammar School resulted in a slight delay to the start of the morning’s lessons, but otherwise the day went ahead normally.

The hoaxer made an anonymous 999 call which resulted in Penarth police being called out at about 8.40am. Officers stopped pupils from entering the school as they arrived and a search was first made of the gymnasium.

After the all-clear was given at the gymnasium, the students were marshalled there while police carried out a thorough search of the remainder of the school buildings.

Senior officers finally declared themselves satisfied that there was no danger after an hour-long hunt and the interrupted timetable finally returned to normal.

A total of eight police officers were involved in the investigation, including a chief inspector, inspector, detective sergeant, detective constable, and four uniformed men.

PENARTH Council was to press British Railways to reconstruct the bridge (Cogan Hill) over the railway lines near Cogan Station where a 20-ton safety limit has been imposed following a recent survey.

The bridge connects Cogan Pill roundabout and Penarth Roundabout with Windsor Road and the Andrew Road junction.