SCOUT Post Christmas cards have been stolen and strewn across Penarth Head viewing platform during a spate of recent break-ins and thefts in the town.

In recent weeks, sheds and cars have been targeted with one recent car break-in resulting in the theft of medical equipment and a box load of Christmas cards due to be delivered by local Scouts.

Thieves broke into a vehicle on Clive Place and took the cards before tearing through each envelope in what police believe was an attempt to find money before they discarded the cards at Headland Park.

Officers in Penarth are reminding residents to be vigilant and to ensure their property is kept secure following the incidents.

Sergeant Julie Madoc-Smart said: “At this time of year, we often see a rise in opportunist thieves, who will often target vehicles and outbuildings in the hope of finding expensive Christmas presents and the like.

“Earlier this week, thieves broke in to a vehicle on Clive Place and helped themselves to a box of Christmas cards which were due to be delivered by the Scout Post service.

"The thieves then callously tore through every envelope, presumably searching for money, before discarding them all at Headland Park.

"Unfortunately, as they made such a mess, it’s almost impossible to know who the senders or intended recipients were.

Patrols have been stepped up in the area but police are urging everyone to ensure their property is as secure as possible.

"Simple precautions can make a big difference," said sergeant Madoc-Smart.

"Please make sure sheds and outbuildings are always securely locked, and please don’t leave valuables in cars or on show near your windows at home.

"We regularly hold free bike-marking events too, so if Santa brings any bikes for the family this year, please keep an eye out for details of the next event and come along to protect your property."