THE owner of Sully Post Office has dismissed rumours of its impending closure, but warned that unless the village supported the shop more he would be left with no choice.

In an interview with Penarth SMTV's Anna Brees earlier this month, Nick Bennett said that the business would become unsustainable, unless members of the community utilised it more.

He added that this applied to all of the store's facilities, which as well as a post office includes a shop and pharmacy.

"The post office in Sully is still open, but unless the village support the shop and the post office they will close. Everything will close," said Mr Bennett.

"What we need in this shop is the support of the local community. I've supported the local community and I'd like to see some back."

The store was only taken on by Mr Bennett in May this year, who increased the range of services offered by the shop and extended their opening hours to seven days a week when he took over.

Asked directly if the store was set to close, Mr Bennett added: "Not in the near future, but it will do if we don't get the support."