PLANS to protect and enhance street trees in Penarth were revealed at a public meeting this month.

The Penarth Civic Society’s Tree Forum held the meeting on Thursday, February 15 to get residents’ views on how trees in Penarth can be managed and maintained.

One of the main messages the group - explored at the meeting - was that “trees are good for you.”

The society has produced a tree strategy for Penarth which proposes a new approach to tree management focusing on the values of individual trees, the benefits to society and the improvements that an expanded and healthy tree canopy will bring.

The society has presented a number of proposals for both the Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town councils which include a different approach to the replacement of street trees, planting in other public areas and the adoption of a council-wide tree strategy.

Residents are also being encouraged, with the support of the society, to consider planting trees in front gardens.

The meeting was told that charities such as the Woodland Trust offer very cheap or free trees – with many recently planted on the Railway Path.

The society’s eventual aim is for the town to achieve the status of Woodland Town – by reversing the current decline in tree canopy cover and increasing it from the current 17.4 per cent up to a target 20 per cent

The strategy has been shared with both councils and the group hopes that councillors will attend their next meeting.

Anyone interested in helping with tree planting near to their home, or those who could help planting a First World War memorial tree, are urged to contact the society via its website: