TWO potential routes for a southern section of the proposed Dinas Powys bypass are set to be considered, as part of a five-part study being conducted by the Welsh Government and Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Dinas Powys Community Council unanimously passed a request from the Vale council last week to support widening the scope of the stage two report into the traffic corridor through Dinas Powys.

Members of Council were called to a special emergency meeting to approve the recommendation.

Community council chairman, Cllr Andy Robertson, said the move should be seen as positive progress for those who have long advocated the bypass idea.

"The request was delivered by our review group representative, Roger Pattenden, too late to be formally adopted at our previous meeting, but everyone agreed the matter was too important to delay another month. That’s why the emergency meeting was called," said Cllr Robertson.

A number of measures are currently being considered to help ease traffic congestion in Dinas Powys – with options for a potential bypass route among those.

Improved public transport and cycle links have also been laid out as potential alternatives.

"I hope those doubting residents are beginning to recognise there is, at last, some positive movement in the process," said Cllr Robertson.

"It’s too early to predict, let alone announce the bypass is definite, but it does feature in two of the four options from which one will eventually be recommended for the Vale cabinet’s approval."