A CAMPAIGN to win back the pavements of Penarth is currently being waged by the Vale Council.

The town is suffering after the roots of its grand trees along its many streets are lifting the pavements making it uneven to walk on.

Pavements round the trees are becoming uneven as the roots below them move and grow.

In worse case scenarios it can feel like a walk over the Brecons as you try to navigate the pedestrian highways of one of Wales’ favourite seaside towns.

Vale highway workers have been working to try bring back some level-headed sense to the issue, however there is a caveat in their work - they cannot touch the roots.

Instead the workers are working round the roots, taking out the old pavement and putting a fresh layer of tarmac over the roots again, and levelling the new layer out.

Penarth Times:

Uneven pavements in Penarth

Penarth Times:

Work is being done to repair the damage

Penarth Times:

Council workers trying to solve the problem, but they can't touch the roots

So far results of the work have had an indifferent response from members of the public.

One concerned resident wrote, “shocking street repair on Arcot Street,” followed by a photo of the area that had been repaired.

The photo showed the dark grey tarmac round the tree and spreading out to meet the tiles of original pavement layout.

Penarth Times:

One resident was furious at the repair in Arcot Street (Photo Michael Crick)

Highway workers working on the problem said they had been tackling the issue for months.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said that in one particular incidence, because of a complaint regarding a “trip hazard”, the issue with the roots was tackled.

“The Highway Inspector received a complaint regarding a trip hazard on the pavement at this location,” said the spokesperson.

“It looks like a root had lifted some of the surface making it unsafe.

“Work has now taken place to address this issue.”

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