Report of the Penarth and District Skittle League week commencing 12th March 2018

Ladies Premier Division

The Blues 257 v Cariads 241, Bye – Lower Girls, Cogan Wombles - Bye, Leo’s Lassies 294 v Coronation Angels 308, Jubilees 256 v Brandy Belles 279, Mably Maids 291 v Dolly Mixtures 318

Ladies First Division

Cliverbirds 285 v Con Artists 267, Bye – Station Swingers, Comeback Ladies – Bye, Old Pennies 246 v Kestrels 254, Sexpots 221 v Ex’s Poppies 250, Sully Flyers 215 v Con’s Ladies 198

Men’s Premier Division

Coronation Exiles 321 v Cwrt-y-Vil 312, Sprouts 293 v Tophouse Turnouts 300, Willy Watchers 297 v Cavaliers 292, Dad’s Army 331 v Clive Rams 342, Legion A 341 v Rock and Bowlers 334, Railway Sleepers 290 v Coronation Sports 268

Men’s First Division

Con Men 311 v Tophouse Stars 276, Old Colts 248 v Legion Tossers 262, Con’s B 259 v Ex’s C 260, Penarth Athletic 282 v Lower Boys 253, Con’s A -Bye, Coganuts v Marauders (Match Postponed)

Men’s Second Division

Bye -D P Legion, Bye – Coronation Oldies, Llandough B – Bye, D P Stars 322 v Crosskeys Athletic 310, Terriers 296 v Cefn Originals 246, Llandough C 263 v Cutters 248.

Ladies Highest Scorers 35 – Congratulations to Chris Buss from Leo’s Lassies on scoring ( 8-6-8-8-5 ), 34-D.Totterbell,33-J.Shields, 32-P.Goode, P.Young, 31-S.Rees,L.Buckley,30-C.Harding, A.Pemberton, M.Llewllyn, L.Chapman, S.Garrett, C.Brown. Ladies Bolters -J.Hart, J.Lovegrove, D.Goodman, L.Saunders, N.Williams, V.Parker, J.Coppock, P.Matthews, P.Clee.

Ladies (9s) – J.Shields, L.Buckley, D.Totterbell, B.Jones.

Men’s Highest Scorers 37 – Congratulations to Shaun Allen from Legion A on scoring ( 8-9-8-6-6 ), 36-B.Davies, 35-A.Williams, H.Thomas, P.Dyer, 34-N.Giles, N.Griffiths, T.Duncan, 33-J.Gosling, P.Rodd,32-M.Morrish, A.Trenchard, 31-J.Daly, M.Farrell, P.Mantle, G.Field, P.Jones, S.Rodd, D.Rodd, W.Pugh, R.Ribton, R.Galley, J.Coles, B.Godfrey, N.Mattey, S.Naylor, J.Mitchell, 30-S.Barry, M.Williams, A.Hyett, J.Lewis, D.Vowles, J.Barrett, B.Thain, P.Morris, C.Tabbener.

Men’s Bolters – D.Gardiner, G.Williams, M.Cochlan, C.Baldwin, R.Morgan, J.Davey, M.Gooding, T.Hopkins, C.Blake, A.Fenton.

Men’s (9s) – M.Harris, B.Wildblood, S.Barry, G.McCarthy, N.Griffiths, D.Jones, P.Colley, R.Mullins, C.Baldwin, S.Allen, P.Rodd, D.Vowles, S.Naylor (10), B.Davies ( 2 ).